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  • Driving in Leather Driving Gloves

    Driving in Leather Driving Gloves

    Aenean dui lectus, accumsan nec nulla sit amet, consectetur iaculis neque. Ut nec odio sem. Donec aliquam posuere imperdiet. Morbi luctus dolor id fringilla sagittis. Nulla fermentum risus nec accumsan mollis. Integer sit amet dui non tellus faucibus luctus vel ac neque. Praesent in adipiscing odio. Fusce egestas, ante vel varius vehicula, ipsum augue tincidunt […]

  • Drunk In Love – Beyonce ft. Jay

    Drunk In Love – Beyonce ft. Jay

    Phasellus feugiat venenatis volutpat. Sed posuere convallis eleifend. Nulla id ante quis neque tristique ultricies eget eget nisi. Fusce eleifend, massa et egestas iaculis, enim mi accumsan arcu, in eleifend est risus nec quam. Sed dapibus tincidunt nisl, vel elementum odio pulvinar ac. Fusce lorem diam, lacinia vel malesuada quis, tempor in nisl. Ut aliquam […]

  • Client:  US Department of Veteran Affairs

    Client: US Department of Veteran Affairs

    Problem: Inefficiencies at national VA transportation program sites, and an overarching need to understand Veteran utilization through analyzing data trends, user demographics, a other contributing variables.   Solution: The design and implementation of targeted site surveys and the creation of statistical models utilizing Transportation, Veteran, Program and Census data to understand performance correlations and to […]

  • Client: US Air Force, A7C

          Problem: Inefficiencies in the number CONUS & OCONUS personnel supporting various A7C functions, given the greatly reduced Presidential FY budget.   Solution: Utilizing SIPOC, a Six Sigma tool, our team streamlined organizational functions based on retaining only the essential interdependent core functions. The success of this project supported the US Air Force […]

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