Process Optimization


Process optimization is the bedrock of our business and the foundational component to any successful business change initiative.
Cavell Jenkins, TSG CEO


Process optimization is critical to developing a clear target based on the current reality of the business. Often a missed step at this fundamental stage sets off a ripple effect of inefficiency and waste that can become quite costly, and place the project at risk. The Scientia Group approaches process from an understanding of potential pitfalls and addresses them through:


  • Evaluation of existing processes
  • Documentation and validation of the “real world” utilization
  • Development of strong Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) that align with the organization’s overarching Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Documentation of IT systems and information exchanges
  • Use of Six Sigma based tools and techniques to facilitate business process evaluation, design, and optimization
  • Creation of sound business rules that ensure process compliance and long term sustainability
  • Process flows that provide direct traceability to IT requirements and key success factors


IT Requirements Gathering


IT requirements are the essential building blocks that guide system development and tie the process to the applied technology.
TSG Business Analysis Unit


The successful handoff of system requirements to the development team relies heavily upon a sound understanding of the current state business as it relates to the future vision. Our team recognizes this and provides a broad approach to ensure the capture of sound system requirements enabling successful system development.


Our consultants have applied knowledge in addressing the lifecycle of requirements development including:


  • Hosting interactive focus groups
  • Conducting group and one-on-one interviews
  • Use case development
  • Facilitating JAD sessions via workshops or Defense Connect Online (DCO) sessions



Change Management

Change management is often the overlooked “glue” of a business change that marries the technology component with the human component.
TSG Operations


Our team understands that Change Management is often overlooked and undervalued, but can be solely be responsible for the adoption of a solution, it reaching its full potential, and ultimately its longevity. In knowing this, we provide small, targeted teams with the mission of connecting the client’s future vision with its personnel for value optimization. This includes:


  • Identification of users and stakeholders at various levels
  • Understanding the emotional stages of change and actively managing the outcomes
  • Application of supplementary support and training for resisters of change
  • Targeted feedback loops to establish the varying levels of knowledge and the anticipation of organizational change to develop focused communication plans
  • Risk mitigation of project failure, increasing the likelihood of success
  • Measurement of the effects of change and managing the performance




Project Management

Project Management is the guiding force behind the successful delivery of any change initiative with budget and time constraints.
TSG PMO Office


We understand how excellence in project management delivers successful business systems and endeavors that add value to an organization’s performance, and thus its bottom line.


Our information technology project managers are trained to initiate, plan, execute, and measure project performance, with keen focus on project budgets, scope, and schedules. Our goal is to avoid costly waste, and save your organization both time and money. Our approach includes:


  • Open and honest communications
  • Transparent accountability for all project resources
  • Clearly defining what project success looks like, and maintaining a laser focus towards that goal

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